Currently doing a knee study, and have had an awesome experience. Very professional and informative.


I Do Not Know What I Would Do Without Them!

I have been going to Dr. Grasso for several years for my seriously messed up lumbar and cervical discs.  Their non-surgical procedures really have kept me from having to have  surgery.  I just cannot do surgery right now.  I really don't want surgery if I can help it.  I went to the chiropractor for six months and tried something called Vax-D therapy, and that only made it worse.  I did physical therapy (and still do on my own ) but that alone was not enough.  I also have severe migraines which we think stem from my cervical disc condition.  I also see Dr. Tran.  They take such great care of me and they know what they are doing!   Their non-surgical procedures really are amazing.  I also get botox injections there for my migraines.  I love Dr. Grasso and Dr. Tran, and I love the staff just as much.  Everybody there is so helpful and caring.  If you are in pain, please go for at least a consultation.  They are worth it.  Regards, Blair


Marshel Crittenden

I live in pain every day but with the gentle care that I receive from non surgical center I find hope here.  The doctors and the staff are wonderful people and make you feel so at ease. When you walk in the door they know that it's either a good day or a extremely bad day and they handle you with so much care as if you are the only one in the office. If you are in pain they have several offices locations and I really recommend that you give them a try.


An outstanding group of medical professionals. They will diagnose and treat the underlying issues. They will fix your issue, and heal your body...not just give you some pills, gels or pastes to mask the symptoms,  but genuine healing of the mind and body.


No magic wand, but Dr Grasso and Dr Tran do you one step better. They listen. They discuss not just Bing, bang do this. See ya! No. They ask relevant questions and keep eye contact! Whohoo!!! Great group to see. Theresa Goldman.


I have been a patient of Non-Surgical Orthopaedics since 2014. The physicians are well-trained and truly access your pain and try to figure out a non-surgical approach, without heavily depending on opioids and narcotics. Dr. Tran is the best asset in the practice. My mother-in-law has had severe back pain from a car accident for over four years, and she is looking forward to her upcoming appointment with Dr. Tran while she will be here for the Christmas break! Non-Surgical Orthopaedics cares about your pain AND your overall health,and not over-medicating you! Make your appointment today at one of their various locations!


Great experience from start to finish! I couldn't have asked for better care and everything was explained very well to me.  Best news is that I am completely pain free!


Staff makes you feel very comfortable and respond quickly to calls and emails, easy to get an appointment.  I had a great experience and totally recommend this practice.


Amazing care and professionalism. No words are necessary, their actions speek volumes. Very very good!


I am a disabled veteran I searched for a doctor that could help with my pain that cared. The doctors take time to understand my pain and treated it and me like I was family.


Staff is beyond helpful, knowledgeable and caring.  The doctors are top in their field and compassionate ... A combination hard to beat when you're in pain. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!


They are the best in the business for a reason. Super-friendly staff. I didn't sit in the office waiting for an hour after my appointment and the Dr. Grasso  is awesome.


I referred my husband to Dr. Grasso for SI joint pain earlier this year because in his line of work, being physically fit is a must!  From the front desk to the MA's in the back, he was made to feel so special and the staff was phenomenal. The customer service there is by far the best we have ever experienced in a doctors office.  Dr Grasso thoroughly examined him and took the time to actually listen.  He was scheduled an SI Joint injection that week at their ambulatory ctr. and he's been 100% better ever since. I would recommend anyone to them.


Carrie worked with me to set up financial arrangements for my procedures. I don't know what I would have done without her. The Front Desk staff was very helpful as well!  Thank you Non-Surgical Orthopaedics.


The physicians are wonderful. I see Dr. Grasso for back and shoulder pain and he has been incredibly understanding and considerate.  You can tell he really cares!


I am beyond pleased with my treatment for my chronic low back and neck pain. The physicians don't treat you like a number, you can tell they really care and want you to get better!


My son and I have received care from Dr. Grasso and Ms. Thrasher for several months since our car accident. They have treated us with kindness, compassion and knowledge to work to find lasting situations to our injuries. They explain all that is going on in the body and what the solutions are. They listen and make you feel like you are the most important patient of the day.

Their nursing and office staff are amazing. From the time you walk in te office until you walk out the door again i feel cared for. From getting your blood pressure checked, wieght measured (ugh) scheduling a procedure to making an appointment and paying your bill. You are not a $ sign you are a person.

Today i was running late due to some unforseen circumstances, when I called and explained my circumstances they were not annoyed or put off they switched me to Ms.Thrasher and told me to keep them updated and that they woud see me soon. Everyone has had circumstances that prevented them from getting the dr on time. And youve had to reschedule. So thankful for the accommodation that they made for me today. You guys are the best!!!


I'm 89 years old (I'm a little old lady) and I have bulging discs, degenerated discs and arthritis in my spine.  My body does not tolerate pain medication at all.  In the past few years, the pain become so bad that I started seeing Dr. Grasso at the recommendation of my chiropractor, Dr. Cohen.  Dr. Grasso is a sweet man, easy to talk to and makes me laugh.  He is very gentle and kind to me.  He has done some treatments on my back that have relieved my pain for 6 months at a time!  I am so grateful for all his help.   And I thank the Lord for putting Dr. Grasso and Dr. Cohen in my life.


My wife has suffered with intermittent severe back and leg pain over the last 5 years.  Most of the time it is managed very successfully with chiropractic care.  However, a few times it was so bad that her chiropractor, Dr. Patricia Cohen, referred her to Dr. Grasso to help co-manage my wife's symptoms.  All I can say is "Wow! What a great team she had!"  Within 10 days She and I were back  hiking Kennesaw mountain!  Happy pain free wife = happy life in my book!


Dr. Grasso is a compassionate professional who is willing to listen and work with you to find a solution.  Thorough, conservative approach to your joint problems.  State of the art facility with a great staff.  I have personally seen Dr. Grasso to SUCCESSFULLY help me manage disc pain flare ups over the last 10 years.  He's the BEST in my book.


I called for an appointment and was seen the same day. I was able to fill out all my forms online and check in only took a couple minutes. I was greeted with compassion and sometimes people just don't understand pain but I felt like everyone I encountered truly cared about me. Dr. Grasso takes his time and really listens.  Other offices should take lessons and I will be sure to spread the good word. I will miss Non-Surgical but I won't miss the pain. I am pain free!!


I was given an injection 4 yrs ago for my hip pain and it worked.  My arthritis flared up again and I went back to Non-Surgical orthopedics and was treated with anti-inflamentory pills and it worked great!  I am pain free again!  I would highly recommend Dr. Weil and his practice to anyone who does not want surgery.  They are wonderful!


At non surgical orthopedics you are treated like family. The employees are very attentive and friendly. Best customer service in town.


drove 240 miles one way to see Dr Weil. Was in allot of pain in low back. After a few visits, i was on my way to recovery. The service i received was great and staff was wonderful and assisted any time i called.


I received professional care.  Every staff member gave me outstanding personal service.  And the results exceeded my expectations.


Much better experience than other practices.  I was seen promptly.  The staff and doctor were very approachable and knowledgeable.  When I had additional questions the staff responded promptly.


Everyone at Non-Surgical Orthopaedic is a pleasure to work with. Their patients are their top priority. If you are looking for the best, Non-Surgical Orthopaedics is it.


Customer service is top notch!!  All the staff is very sweet.  You can't find more experienced doctors!


All the way from when Dixie schedules your appointment till you are seen by Dr Grasso, you are treated like more than just a payday, you are family. The latest gem in their office that I have discovered is Dr Forsythe. She has been giving me my injections, as close to painless as possible.Like everything about this office it is great.


Several years on pain meds and all the problems they caused finally to a doctor that looked for the cause.  After 3 months of treatments finally relief in my back, across my stomach and down my legs.  So glad I was referred to Non-Surgical Orthopedics they are great. Russell Caudle


I actually have a higher quality of life now that my pain is completely gone.  It didn't happen overnight, but it only took about 3 months.  He had a strong feeling my pain was coming from facet joints in my lumbar, and sure enough...boom!...he knocked it out with the injections.  I am so thankful to Dr. Grasso and his awesome, caring, and professional staff.  I'm diggin' life again.  My back hurt for so long that I simply got used to the pain and couldn't find the energy to plant flowers or do simple things around my house.  Thank you Dr. Grasso.  You were very patient with this patient.


This orthopaedic office was great from the beginning.  They worked with me due to a car accident and they were always very kind and patient with me.  Dr. Grasso was able to get me back to feeling well again and I am forever grateful.  Dixie at this office is also great, she helped me with paperwork that I needed to settle a claim for my accident and she went above and beyond for me and she never once complained or sounded irritated.  She was very patient with me and very very helpful.  I would definitely recommend this practice!!


Arrived to my first appointment barely able to stand for more than fifteen or twenty minutes at a time. Lower back pain was severely limiting my mobility. Hard on job performance as my position calls for me to be on my feet eight to nine hours at a time servicing clients. After the prescribed treatment, I was pain free and clients are commenting on my ability move freely.

Service was provided by a knowledgeable pleasant staff that always greeted you with a smile and a kind word.

Highly recommend this practice to anyone who seeks relief from pain .


I came in with a labrum injury in my shoulder. I could hardly move it without feeling intense pain. Dr. Grasp was able to give me an injection and within the next 24 hours the pain was almost nonexistent! The staff was all very friendly as well and I was in and out in very quick time! I would definitely recommend Non-Surgical Orthopaedics to anyone with similar pain injuries.


I recently saw One of the physicians at Non Surgical Ortho for my carpal tunnel that had become unbearable during pregnancy! After getting clearance from my OB the MD have me an injection in my wrist. She did so amazing and helped me to be able to sleep well before I have this new baby! The team of staff and physicians are great and were all very helpful. I would recommend this group to anyone!


I don't wish bursitis on my worst enemy.  Worse than childbirth by far!  I agreed to have an injection in my hip and my pain ha been relieved 100%. Leila carefully made sure it was covered by my insurance and the doctor explained exactly what he was going to so step by step. Piece of cake with care like that! Diane was very caring at checkout when she expressed that I should call back if I had any problems or concerns!! I feel so much better!!


After many weeks of neck pain and headaches, I went to Non-Surgical Orthopaedics. Dr. Sheikh worked with me to find out what was causing this situation and has now helped to resolve me from having daily headaches. I am so thankful to have found a doctor that listened and was willing to help. Great doctors and very helpful staff!


I was involved in a car accident in 2012.  I came into the practice desperate for help.  After trying physical therapy and trigger point injections, I decided to get a lumbar epidural.  To my surprise, after everything I had gone through.... I finally had relief! Thank You Dr. Grasso and your wonderful staff for helping me enjoy my life again.  I can now pick up my child again!  Chasing a toddler was unbearable I feel better than I ever have!


With a new unmet 2014 deductible, I was very concerned about having my procedure done. I knew I had to pay my deductible and was feeling down knowing I just could not afford it. Upon calling to cancel my procedure, I was greeted with nothing but compassion. I was able to set up a payment agreement and split my financial responsibility into 3 payments. Brandy was very supportive, answered all of my questions and I was able to have my procedure done. Thank you Non-Surgical Orthopaedics for working with me when I needed it most!!


I was recently a new patient at Non Surgical Orthopedic for severe lower back pain. I am new to the area and was referred to this office by a good friend.  The front office staff was very sweet and professional. I felt so comfortable.The back office  staff and physicians were genuinely concerned with taking care of me.  I honestly felt at home there. I am very happy with the treatment I received from this office. I would definitely refer other people to see these physicians.


Brought my 21 year old daughter's quality of life back!  As a full time student and worked full time, my 21 year old was suffering from lumbar pain, no injury.  I was so impressed with the quality of care that she received.  She was given a good medication regimen without heavy narcotics & physical therapy.  Within in a couple of weeks, she was back to normal.  I can't sing enough praises about Dr. Grasso & Dr. Weil & the fellows at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics!  By far the best customer service throughout the entire office!  They really do make you feel like you are their only patient with everyone that walks through their doors!


I visited Non-Surgical Orthopaedics for a recurring shoulder injury. The staff was super friendly and Dr. Grasso was awesome! He gave me an injection in my shoulder and prescribed future physical therapy for my injury. Overall, it was a great experience and I was in and out very quickly. Since my visit, I have seen a huge difference in my shoulder and would definitely recommend the doctors and staff at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics to anyone!


I have vertebrae that have been out of line for a couple of years because of the two falls that I had. Due to my history of Staph Infection, surgery is not a viable option because it may cause the infection to activate again. Dr. Grasso has performed a noninvasive epidural procedure which has given me back my life. The pain in my lower back and the numbness in my left leg were reduced tot he point that I had few limitations on my activities. I am 75 years old but after the procedures, I feel like a young man again. Thank you to everyone at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics, P.C. for giving me back my life!


I will admit the doctors are ok. They didn't help me nor did they hurt me. BEWARE of billing. I was billed double sometimes triple. On more than one occasion I had to have my insurace company do a 3 way call because the billing department kept telling me my insurance company did not pay when they did. The constant fight was not worth the sub par treatment. I even had an argument with a staff member at the office when I refused to pay a bill that I had already paid and had a receipt for. The woman was very rude and shouted at me. She even went as far as to shout my condion and treatment while other people were in the waiting area. That was the last straw. Airing my medical treatment to get her point across was more than embarrassing and I left in tears. Let me also make it very clear I was never prescribed a narcotic and was not looking for it. I say this up front because I have seen the rebuttal to a review by the dr where it seemed that was his first line of defense.

In response- I assure you I am not lying. In fairness this happened over a year ago. The review was prompted by an incorrect bill I came across. I'm sure many patients are very happy with this office, I was not. Nothing is perfect and calling people who are not happy with the office liars is unfair. The more I told the woman I was not upset with her, I was upset with the situation, the more argumentative she got.I paid an extra $50 on top of my $30 copay to see the dr to be treated.


Wonderful from the moment you walk in the door! Friendly and great customer service. I was experiencing extreme pain in my shoulder and wasn't able to sleep for three nights thinking it would go away. I was seen right away. All of my questions and concerns were addressed. I was informed of what to expect every step of the way.


I have been a long-term patient. I have found the doctors and staff to be very caring, friendly and knowledgeable. They have been willing to try many different non-surgical solutions to manage chronic pain issues and willing to refer to other physicians to explore surgical options.


I experienced chronic pain from SI joint and soft tissue damage but only found relief when I drove 4 hours to see Dr Weil and Dr Grasso in Marietta, GA. The injections they recommended prevented me from taking unnecessary medications and put me on the right path for long term relief. They diagnosed it correctly immediately and that helped me to manage and correct the imbalances that precipitated the pain and discomfort that seemed to consume my everyday life. I am very thankful to them and would recommend the doctors and staff at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics with full confidence.


Most people are aware of the large Orthopedic practices that are located in the  Atlanta/Buckhead area. However, large practices don't always equate to quality care. I have suffered with low back pain for years and was basically told that I needed back surgery. A few people mentioned NonSurgical Ortho& Spine, so I thought that I did not have anything to lose. I am so thankful that I took the time to see Dr. Grasso & Dr. Weil. Their staff made me feel like I had known them for years and both physicians took plenty of time listening to evaluating my concerns. I wish that I had found them much sooner bc it would have saved me money, time, and my quality of life would have been better. Although I am not 100% pain free, I don't need back surgery. If you wan't physicians that actually care about patients vs making money, take the time to visit this practice!


I was an office patient with lower back pain, and the staff was so amazing and caring. They took very good care of me, and did all they could in their power to figure out where my pain was coming from. The office was very clean and the staff is well organized. I would definitely recommend them!


Having been a patient of Dr. Weil for 15+ yrs. from a failed back surgery, I can truly say Dr. Weil is for the patient.  Without him, my quality of life would be nothing like it is today.  He has always remained up to date on the newest technology and offers a solution without surgery.  His staff is always professional and personal which makes for a great visit.  I have recommended Dr. Weil to several friends who went to see him and agreed that he is there for the patient.  Thank you Dr. Weil for all you do for us.


Dr. Grasso is one of those rare doctors who actually listens to you, answers questions in plain English and most importantly makes you feel like he sincerely cares about your case.  The same goes for the nurses and office staff. I have been to many "pain management" places in the Atlanta metro area and this is best practice by far.


I have been in two bad auto accidents. I have lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain...

Non-Surgical has worked with me for over six years in pain management. They specialize in many cervical, lumbar and facet injections to relieve and/or correct injuries. I have been diagnosed by my P.C. physician and rheumatologist with R.A. and Fibromyalgia since the accidents. My rheumatologist is impressed with the care I receive and told me he does not need to see me as long as I am under Dr. Grasso's care.

All costs and insurance is settled before procedures are scheduled. There is little turnover in employees making communications easy. I seldom wait more than five minutes to see a doctor.

They change fellows training every year and it can take a couple of months for them to get to know me, but Dr. Grasso always looks in on me and asks if I have any questions or concerns not covered by the fellow.

I went to two pain management clinics before finding Non-Surgical. They seemed more than willing to give me whatever medicines I wanted and in whatever quantities. I am not trained in pharmacology and was at a loss as I do not want to be a pain killer addict. Dr. Grasso keeps a close watch on meds to be sure I have what I need to help control pain, but not over-medicated. We discuss the necessity of meds, new meds available, new combinations of meds, side effects, etc. regularly.

I highly recommend Non-Surgical and Dr. Anthony Grasso.


I went to see Non Surgical Orthopedics for back pain and was very encouraged and optimistic based on the reviews I had read.  Let me first say that everyone in the office was very courteous and professional.  They got me in both times with very little waiting and I felt like the Doctors listened to my concerns.  I have had two visits and two different doctors (not Dr. Grasso) were very kind and spent time explaining what they thought was going on.  Both gave me a different diagnosis.  The first visit I was told it was a highly inflamed fascia muscle and they did trigger point injections which left me incapacited the next day.  Second visit I was told it was a degenerative disc and given treatment options and I went for the less agressive approach. After both visits they forgot to call in prescriptions to my pharmacy.  Very aggravating!  Again,  they are very friendly and professional (except for forgetting to call in my prescriptions!) but after two visits and a lot of money I still have no relief.  I called and left a message this morning to request them to set up an MRI... So I could try the more agressive procedure, but 7 1/2 hours later I still have not gotten a call back.


After years of other methods of treatment, I was luckily referred to NSO.  My neck, shoulder, sacrum, hip and knee all had "fires" that needed extinguished!  After having been treated by NSO for the past three months, I can honestly say I feel like a new person!  I just love the staff and actually have nicknames for many of them.  I know they care about me and my health by the way the greet and treat me, like holding my hand so sweetly during the procedures. And, Like I told Dr. Damper, they make a "sticky" situation almost fun!


I was in a considerable amount of pain when I went to Non-Surgical Orthopaedics. They diagnosed my problems immediately and treated my ailment with expertise. My pain is greatly reduced. Their staff is very courteous. I highly recommend their services


I have gone to Non-Surgical Orthopedics, PC /Dr. Arnie Weil on a number of occasions to treat a variety of sports related injuries. Not only has his medical advice and treatment been superb, but the office staff is friendly and professional. Furthermore, as a busy professional that travels, I am appreciative that his office has always adhered to the appointment schedule, with very little wait time.

Thanks Dr. Weil for helping me stay in the game


"I've honestly never had two physician's treat me as a PERSON instead of a just disease process before! Aside from a moderate wait time, (which was acknowledged and apologized for without me even inquiring), I have nothing but good things to say about this practice.  It was a refreshing change to be heard, understood and spoken to as if I were a family member ir friend instead of "just another patient". Both the physicians and staff were courteous, professional and offered me solutions that had not occurred to me before. I highly recommend this practice!"


I was very satisfied with both the office and medical staff at this business. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of service in the Marietta area.


I have seen the doctors and fellows in this practice for eight different maladies over the last 12 years and have been extremely pleased every time.  They make accurate diagnoses and prescribe appropriate treatments including physical therapy and medication.  I highly recommend them.


After finding Non-Surgical Orthopaedics on the Internet I have finally found doctors who care. My experience was one of efficiency, professionalism, and a caring staff. If the rest of my visits are as good as my first, then I will definitely be referring my friends here.


After my procedure I have to say, I feel wonderful! Thanks so much for the excellent care and advice that has gotten me to stage of rejuvenation! Your Staff is world class, and I just really appreciate you so very much!!!!!
This is the beginning of great things to come after years of pain and suffering. You have stuck right there with me and now all the work has paid off.C


I have had neck pain for over 6 years and have seen numerous physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists. A friend referred me to Dr. Weil. I found the office to be very organized and I felt right at home. Dr. Weil explained my condition to be and outlined a treatment plan. I ended up getting epidural injections and I am finally pain free. This office is the best. Thank you Dr. Weil.


Dr. Weil and his practice are miracle workers. I have had back pain for over 10 years. Not only did Dr. Weil thoroughly examine me (so many physicians don't anymore) but he took a lot of time explaining the cause of my pain. He was very thorough and complete and I ended up getting injections followed by physical therapy. Three months later I still feel great and am back to my normal life. Thank you Dr. Weil.


Staff is very nice! Doctors listen to what you say and are sympathetic! They offer many solutions to try and help you get well as quickly as possible!


After almost two years of trying to pin down what my major issues were causing the pain that altered my life style significantly and coupled with the feeling that my then Orthopedic Doctors were merely going through the motion, I discovered Non-Surgical Orthopedic.  From my first visit and throughout my follow-on procedures, I was treated with timely and exceptional care.  Starting with the ladies at the front desk, to the medical technicians and once placed in the hands of the Doctors, I received not only physical relief for my pain but I received the mental and emotional comfort of knowing they cared about managing my pain and hopefully my recovery.  After 30 years in the Marine Corps, I knew I would have some aches and pains, but to have a Team like the Non-Surgical Orthopedics staff, gave me a renewed sense of well being.


I'm a weekend warrior and have had just about every sports injury over the years. Recently I have had increasing amounts of knee pain and saw Dr. Weil after looking at many outstanding reviews from I have to say I am duly impressed. Both Dr. Weil and his Fellows were gracious, professional, and made it evident that they cared about me and my problems. I have been back twice and have now returned back to my normal sporting activities. That only means that I will be back to see Dr. Weil again soon which will be a pleasure. Great practice!!!


I cannot begin to describe how good I think Dr.Weil and his staff are. Never once did I wait long and the people were just as wonderful as the care. I had my last epidural yesterday and now my husband is holding me back for a few days...judy


Drs. Weil and Grasso are meticulous and thorough when discussing conditions, treatments, options, and pain relief. All of the physicians I have met at Non-Surgical listen intently and record accurately.

Their staff is exceptional and well-chosen. I am always greeted with empathy, courtesy, and pleasantry.

Everything is handled smoothly and professionally.


I am an athlete and have visited many orthopedic offices in the past. Dr. Weil and his staff were unbelievably nice and efficient. Dr. Weil spent a lot of time explaining my injury to me and discussing different treatment options. I felt like family while in the office. I would definitely recommend Non-Surgical Orthopaedics for orthopedic injuries.


As a avid runner I have been going to Dr. Weil's office for many years with varying issues. They always get in in a timely fashion and the office is always on time without a lot of waiting. Great staff and very friendly and knowledgeable.


Dr. Weil and his staff were outstanding and professional. They treated my injury  as if I was part of their family.  Not only did they treat my pain, they gave me preventative measures to keep the same pesky injury from being aggravated again.


The pain that altered my life style significantly and the unknown factors of how to get through my daily routine until my surgery was a hopeless feeling. Then I was sent to see the doctors at Non-Surgical Orthopedic. From my first visit and throughout my follow-on procedures, I was treated with timely and exceptional care. Starting with the staff at the front desk, the medical technicians and Dr Weil. I received not only physical relief for my pain but I received the mental and emotional comfort of knowing they cared about managing my pain and hopefully my recovery. They have been with me every step as I went through my first surgery to my anticipation of the second surgery. I truly could not have done this without their help and support. I always leave an appointment feeling satisfied with my care and the answers to any and all questions. This facilty and its staff go above and beyond to care for each patient as true individuals with their own specific needs. I highly recommend Dr Weil, Dr Grasso and their staff to anyone.


Dr. Grasso and Dr. Weil
are the most compassionate pain
Doctors I have ever met and I have
Been to a few who were not. I have told
Dr. Grasso at the end of my treatment:
"No pain feels wonderful!


This practice made me feel like a person and not just a number. I have had chronic pain for a long time and been to dozens of practices over the years. Here I was treated with respect as a person, and my pain was acknowledged and taken seriously. This practice is definitely the best.


I suspect that every review here is written by Dr Weil himself. I saw him in the office and he does not listen. He appears only to care about trying to bill insurance and make money. He was in the room for mere minutes and did not even perform a proper examination, stating that I needed expensive procedures and would not discuss any treatment other than what he wanted!

He has pictures plastered to the walls bragging about all of the exotic places he has visited and showing all the professional fantasy camps he has attended to pay to meet professional basketball players.

I would recommend trying to find a physician who listens to you, and who feels the patient comes first, not himself.

Follow up: I was not requesting that medication and do not even know what Soma is. My back had been hurt for meer weeks and I was specifically requesting treatment other than medication, I just did not want injections immediately. Dr. Weil was pushy, rude and now I consider him a liar.


My first (and hopefully) last experience with a herniated disc.  Great staff. Very helpful and understanding.


Dr Weil and his associates have provided some of the most skilled, caring and professional services I have received to date.  Specific treatment was provided for severe neck and shoulder pain  rather than masking the problem with medication. I highly recommend Dr. Weil and his entire staff.

A Fantastic, Caring Group!


What a great experience seeing an orthopedic doctor was for me!! I was greeted by an efficient receptionist, then whisked back to be seen by the nurses. When Dr. Weil came in, he was personable, funny, and took a lot of time with me. He really seemed to care and answered all of my questions. Three weeks later I am pain free and would recommend this practice to ANYONE who needs an orthopedic doctor and is in pain.


I had neck pain for 10 years and after seeing Dr.Weil for 6 mths, my pain level is now a 3. Thanks!


I have had severe tendonitis for years and been in chronic pain, it wasn't till I saw Dr. Weil @ Non-Surgical Orthopaedics that I realized that I don't have to be in pain all the time! Thank you Dr. Weil for making my life normal again! You are the greatest. I felt welcome and cared for from the minute I walked in the door till the time I left. I will tell everyone about my experience! 5 stars


Competent and pleasant staff; appointments close to on time and exceptional doctors. Most important, didn't stop until my issue was resolved...without surgery.  I always felt like a patient -- not a customer. I most strongly recommend this practice. They are an outstanding group of professionals you can trust.


I had been experiencing significant back pain that also developed into a sciatic problem down my left leg. I went for about one year with constant pain that impacted my ability to lead a normal life. I was referred to Non-Surgical Orthopaedics and was cared for by Doctors Grasso and Jones. The treatment prescribed was for three Spinal Epidurals. I have now completed all three treatments and I feel like a new person. My personality and mood have changed for the better and I no longer experience any pain. I felt relief about one week after the first Epidural and got increasingly better with each treatment.

I would also like to say that from the receptionist at the Spinal Center (Dinina) to the nurses when I received the treatment; all were fantastic. The first nurse was Deanna who did the pre-prep and was great, then on to the operative room where I was greeted by Kim who was wonderful. Post Epidural was Vicki and another wonderful person. To each individual person and the Doctors at this facilityall were wonderful and without a doubt made this a pleasant experience rather than something that a person would dread. Kim, Deanna and Vicki you are fantastic!! Kudos to all at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics..I am feeling sooooo much better.

Phil C - Marietta


Great doctors who helped relieve pain was life changing. Long wait at times to see them but worth it


I've been a patient at Non-Surgical Orthopedics on and off for almost 6 years now.  Their staff is top notch and they will do everything in their power to keep you from having surgery.  If you have chronic pain, you owe it to yourself to schedule a visit now!!


My experience with Non-Surgical Orthopaedics is one that left me with the belief that these doctors sincerely care about their patients. They believe in the care they give as second to none. Not because they are conceited, but because they are people who care about the pain and suffering of others. If you have ever considered going to an acupuncturist, go here first. These doctors cause no pain, they relieve pain, even the pain associated with smoking. They can change your live if you give them a chance.


I have worked with a Dr. Grimm in this practice.  He is kind, personal, and listens to my issues.  He does his best to help alleviate my pain and solve my back problems.  I am grateful for his care.


After recovering from a serious automobile accident and being pain free for over 10 years, when I was involved in another accident I honestly thought my life was over.  I never dreamed that I would be able to tolerate the pain or have any quality of life again.  I have been a patient since 2005 and I live with severe neck, back and lower leg pain. I have seen many of Atlantas surgical best and undergone numerous surgeries to repair the damage but without the treatment provided by Non-Surgical, I feel I would be confined to the bed on a permanent basis.  The Doctors, nurses and staff are the best I have seen, they provide quality, fast service and unlike most they actually take the time to listen and provide a treatment plan for you by working with you as a person not a number or a symptom!  No matter what treatments or procedures you have tried, if you still suffer from neck and back pain, I highly recommend giving them a call; you will not regret it!


It is so hard to find doctors you can trust so when I first started seeing Dr. Grosso I was a bit leary. I have had sevear back pain for many years and could never get relief. Here, The doctors did a number of proceedures until I got relief. I was in tears because I could not afford the co-pays, instead of turning me away they allowed me to make payments on the co-pay so I could have the proceedures done. Thanks


I met Dr. Weil and Dr. Grasso in 2007 and can not imagine having a life without them.  Their medical procedures have reduced my pain from severe to livable.  They have so much compation and concern for me as a person as well as my pain.  I know there are Doctors closer to were I live but I will never go anywhere else.  They are the best at what they do and care about their patients well being.


I was referred to Non-Surg Ortho by my chiropractor as an emergency case in 2004. I've had back problems for 20+ years. One day it happened a disc went out to the point the Chiro couldn't touch me but made a call which was a life changing experience for me, forever. I didn't have surgery however I did need some special care only they could give me. I was treated with the best care and felt that way too. After my care procedure was explained and put into place, I didn't have problems for over 5 yrs. I recently returned with back pain due to an accident in the yard, I was seen as I explained I haven't been in pain or had any problems until my accident. Again I was treated simply not withe the same need as before and to no surprise I am better. I will never see anyone but they for my back, ever. If you want the best care possible you should give Dr. Weil or the practice a chance. Thanks for such great care I can again chase my 3 boys!


I guess you could say I'm your typical man, never want to go to the doctor, however in 2007 that changed. I was referred to Dr. Grasso after an auto accident that caused lower back pain I could not manage myself. After reviewing the MRI, Dr. Grasso explained in detail what was causing my pain and best of all, how he could put me back on my feet again if I would go through the process of recovery. I've come a long way since that day and I am grateful for the experience and dedication of the entire staff of doctors at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics


The day I met Dr.Weil, he did not sugar coat my head and neck pain. That was six years ago. Today he can read me like the back of his hand, he can see when I am in the upper scale of pain and he makes it all better. I could not find that anywhere else. The staff always have a smile to make your day a bit brighter and your heart softer, as long as Non Surgical is around, I will be too!
Thank you for wanting better for those you treat!!!


I have been going here for years for different reasons. From the minute you walk in until you leave Everyone is friendly, kind, and very helpful. The doctors care about what is wrong and will do everything they can to help you. The staff are the best around. You will not regret coming to this practice


I have lived with severe back pain for years, which has impacted my quality of life. After seeing several physicians in Atlanta, I finally found a physician that took the time to find the root cause of my pain instead of only treating the symptoms. Dr. Weil and Dr. Grasso gave me hope that my life was not over. Although I still have some pain, I can exercise again and feel like being around my friends/family. I am thankful that I found this practice!


orhtopedists who want to actually know what is wrong & find why. then help with a solution. they keep trying until they find one.


This practice is the best around for non-surgical orthopedics. I had terrible back pain and thought I would need surgery. Dr. Weil did a few injections and I have been pain free ever since.


I saw Dr. Grasso two years ago for lower back pain. He took X-rays and explained the cause, and referred me to a physical therapist, who taught me exercises for reducing the pain. I would definitely go back if I felt I needed to.


Dr. Weil is a great doctor with love for his work. He always takes the time to answer questions and concerns and has multiple offices in the area.